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The Australian Embedded Environmental Energy Trust (eeeTrust)


has secured the system to issue eeeDollars (eee$’s) for each chassis number of electrified cars, thus also to promote reduced emissions traffic with the necessary clean battery recharging network.


These eee$’s are timeless economic units, calculated with our kilowatt hour kWh Conversion Formula and are used as a method of payment, between

eee$ System Members, for products or services of all kinds.


This revaluation of electric cars is also intended to treasure the environmental energies embedded in these vehicles so drivers care more to extend the life time of these cars.


For electric cars, this revaluation is made with US eee$ 60,000 and for

hybrid cars US eee$ 30,000.


These eee$’s are timeless economic entities for the compensation trade and are based on the global average domestic annual value of

10 kWh = USD 1.89 which corresponds to 1.00 US eee$.

The eee$ is timelessly secured for these vehicles and certified with

eee$ Promissory Notes.


eee$’s can soon be used worldwide as a means of payment between

eee$ System Members for products or services of all kinds.


Each eee$ System Member, with each eee$ transaction, supports his chosen humanitarian or environmental project with a third of the collected

Support and Administration Fees.


These are just a few points that we would like to mention from the eee$ System Membership Rules and Regulations, which can be found on the website link:


We are looking for other eee$ System Administrators and Partners in the eeeTrust to spread the above.

Mr. Roth would like to arrange an appointment with you to discuss the many possibilities for you and your company.


Surely, we hear from each other again.

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Rolf Roth


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