Embedded Environmental Energy Trust (eeeTrust)


The eeeDollar (eee$) - System from eeeTrust is a compensation system that encourages individuals or businesses to purchase environmentally friendly products (CO2 reducing) for which the additional costs they incur will be compensated with eee$s.


The eee$s on the Confirmation Notes will be calculated at the time of transfer to an eee$ Member Account using the current clearing formula.

It reads as follows: An eee$ is equivalent to ten times (x 10) the world's average kWh price of 50 Nations.



1 kWh = US Cent 18,901 x 10 = USD 1.89 = 1 US eee$ Trade Unit

in Euro Currency USD/EUR x 0.85 = EU eee$ 1.61 - Fees

in Swiss Currency USD/CHF x 0.99 = 1 CH eee$ 1.87 - Fees.




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