eee$ System Membership Rules and Regulations

(January 2017)



The eee$ System Administrator’s and founders philosophy pledge:
to act at all times in the best interests of the eee$ System Membership, behave in a socially and environmentally correct manner, according to the Rules and Regulations of the eee$ System Membership set out hereafter.

  1.   eee$ System Membership

1.1. The eee$ System Membership is an exclusive Membership, for its Members who had participated or
       do participate in kind or with their capital input towards humanitarian issues of their concern.

1.2. The eee$ System Membership is mainly extended by registration of genuine intent for humanitarian
       purposes, or by invitations from existing Members, always with the consent of the regional eee$
       System Administrator.

1.3. There is no compulsory eee$ System Membership fee; it is entirely up to the individuals as how much
       they would like to contribute towards the mutual humanitarian actions of all kinds.

1.4. The Rules and Regulations of the eee$ System, as contained in this document, shall be deemed as
       accepted and binding by the new Member by accepting eee$ as method of payment.

2.    Discretionary Membership Contribution

2.1. Members can make discretionary contributions in any cash amount at any time towards supporting the
       eee$ System promotion as well to cover the general administration expenses of the eee$ System.

2.2. Any Cash amount received as discretionary membership contribution will be reflected at 1:1 cash/eee$
       ratio and credited in eee$’s to that Member’s eee$ Account.

2.3. The eee$ System Administrator reserves the right to adjust the cash/eee$ ratio of discretionary
       membership contributions at any time as necessary for best functioning of the eee$ System.

3.    eee$ Account

3.1.  A new eee$ Account is opened when a potential Member logs on to the website
        and makes his humanitarian wish known by registration to be a Member of the eee$ System. In return
        the local eee$ System Administrator will check the registration and sends back by email the necessary
        documentation and account user instructions for the new Member.

3.2.  Another way to open an eee$ Account is, by mailing to the local eee$ System Administrator an eee$
        Transfer Order as received from a eee$ System Member as method of payment for goods or Services.

3.3.  The Account shows all transactions made by the Member using eee$ as method of payment and shows
        the resultant credit (positive) or debit (negative) eee$ and cash balances.

3.4.  This information is summarized in a monthly statement and sent by e-mail to each individual Member.

3.5.  Outstanding account statement amounts are due and payable to the regional eee$ System
        Administration within 5 working days from the statement date.

3.6.  All eee$ amounts shown on eee$ Accounts and statements are not negotiable for cash from the eee$
        System Administration, or its employees, and can only be transferred or redeemed with eee$ Transfer
        Orders between Members.

 4.      eee$ Transfer Orders

4.1.  Each Member can transfer eee$ amounts from their available eee$ Account balance with Transfer
        Orders to another Members or potential Members.  These Transfer Orders can only be drawn against
        available eee$ credits within a member’s account at the time of issue. They may be used for direct
        payment of all kinds of products and services traded between Members.

4.2.  Each Transfer Order has two copies with a unique Transfer Identification Number shown as the
        Transfer Order-ID.  The original shall be mailed by the eee$ transfer recipient within three days to the
        eee$ System Administration, the first copy stays with the recipient and the second copy is for the
        issuer reserved.

4.3.  All Transfer Orders are only intended for trade between Members and can only be debited or credited to
        eee$ Accounts held by Members’.

 5.      Settlement of eee$ Transfer Orders

5.1.  All recipients of eee$ Transfer Orders must be Members or intended Members involved in a trade

5.2.  The recipient of an eee$ Transfer Order shall mail forward twice a week the original to his assigned
        eee$ System Administrator.

5.3.  The eee$ System Administrator will credit the eee$ amount, shown on the Transfer Order to the eee$
        Account of the recipient and debit the issuer appropriately.

 6.      Support and Administration Fees

6.1.   There are no Fees for new Members on eee$ Accounts until the new Member makes his first
         transaction for goods or services with eee$ as method of payment to other Members.

6.2.   The Support and Administration Fees can vary by the kind of products the Members are buying with
         eee$ as method of payment. This Support and Administration Fees are currently set at 2.5% for old
         eee$’s in circulation and up to 90% for new eee$’s measured only on the eee$ numbers transferred
         by the Buyer. 
         The high fees are only applied when the eee$’s are received for free as a Grant and used with its first
         purchase transaction.

6.3.   These fees apply only to the Buyer’s and must be paid to the Seller in conventional money (cash) at
         point of sale.

6.4.   All collected Support and Administration Fees are divided into three parts:
         1/3 is for the eee$ Acceptance Commission for Sellers (vendors) of goods and services who accept
         eee$ as method of payment.

         Another 1/3 is for the humanitarian organization or project the Members had registered as their choice
         of project support.

         The remaining part is for expenses occurred within the eee$ System organization as well as security
          reserves for the Members in the eee$ System.

6.5.   The eee$ System Administrator reserves the right to adjust the Support and Administration Fees and
          to differentiate this fees according to the turnover and makeup of trade groups.

 7.       eee$ Acceptance Commissions

7.1.   One third of the received Support and Administration Fees (as mentioned in 6.4 above) in any eee$
          transaction belong to the Seller (vendor) of goods and services in that occurred trade.

7.2.   All eee$’s with all the Fees collected by the Seller, at point of sale, must be summarized monthly by
         the Seller and reported to his regional eee$ System Administrator.

 8.       eee$ Inflation Freeze Rate Secured

8.1.   This Freeze Rate Secured is not a fee and shall not be viewed as a charge, it is a necessary action
         against Inflation and devaluation of eee$ transactions.  The eee$ transfer value should be 97.5% to
         the national currency value in any trade.

8.2.   At the present time, the minimal eee$ Inflation Freeze Rate Secured is set to 2.5% of the number of
         eee$ transferred and separated from the eee$ Account for an unspecified time until the Member in a
         trade group showed his none inflationary behaviors with good sustainable humanitarian intentions.

8.3.   The minimal eee$ Inflation Freeze Rate Secured of 2.5% will be deducted automatically on each
         Buyer transaction only in eee$'s.

8.4.   The eee$ System Administrator reserves the right to increase the eee$ Inflation Freeze Rate Secured
         upon reports from Members who have not received an appropriate value for their eee$.  If the eee$
         value in a trade is lower than 2.5% to the local currency in respect to the turnover of each Member
         and the makeup of a trade group an additional Freeze Rate will be applied.

8.5.   The release of frozen eee$’s are at the regional eee$ System Administrators discretion as he sees
         each individual Member to be fit not to cause harm with his method of payment behaviors as a
         Member in the eee$ System.

 9.       Statements

9.1.   Statements of all active eee$ Accounts are e-mailed to the Members each calendar month. They show
         the transactions debited or credited for the past month and the applicable eee$ Support and
         Administration Fees paid to Sellers or still payable to the eee$ System Administration.

 10.     Settlement of Debit eee$ Amounts

10.1. Outstanding eee$ amounts on eee$ Accounts shall be settled either by Transfer Orders with products
         and services selling to Members or paid in cash at a 1:1 ratio to the eee$ System Administrator.

 11.     Account Balance and eee$ Capital in Transfer

11.1. Balances on eee$ Accounts and eee$ in transfer between the Members are assured by the Rules and
         Regulations of the eee$ System Membership, maintained by the eee$ System Administrator.

11.2. All eee$ transactions are based on the domestic currency of the Seller and can only be transferred to
         other Members using eee$ Transfer Orders from the eee$ System Administrator.

11.3. All account balances and eee$'s in transfer are treated as the joint property of the Members within the
         eee$ System.

 12.    Value Added Taxes (VAT or Sales Tax)

  12.1. Value added taxes such as Sales Tax, apply to the eee$ amount on the same accounting basis as it
           applies to conventional money (cash) of the sale.

 13.    Value of the eee$

  13.1. The eee$ amounts are like the local currency of a country where the eee$ is used as method of
           payment at a fair market value (not under 97.5% to the local currency) for products and services from
           and to the eee$ System Members. Therefore, eee$ amounts should not be exchanged independently
           of products or services.

 14.     Terms of the Membership

14.1. The terms of the eee$ System Membership are viewed to remain in perpetuity.

14.2. If disagreement occurs between the parties, the eee$ System Administrator or the Member, have the
         right according to the following Terms & Conditions to give notice to dissolve the Membership.

14.3. Either party must provide at least 1 month written notice before the dissolution date.  During this period
         the eee$ Account must be balanced to zero, per the Rules and Regulations of the eee$

14.4. eee$ Account amounts or eee$ amounts on Transfer Orders cannot be claimed from the eee$ System
         Administration its employees or officers.  Any such amounts can only be redeemed through eee$
         Transfers with other Members prior to dissolution of the membership.

14.5. Unpaid amounts and commitments by the departing Member will still remain even after the Membership
         was canceled.

 15.     Applied Law

15.1. If a court of competent jurisdiction holds any provision of the Rules and Regulations of the eee$ System
         or portion of such provision invalid, the remainder shall not be affected thereby.

15.2. The Rules and Regulations of the eee$ System and its Membership shall be governed as a sealed
         instrument under the law of the eee$ System Administration domicile.

15.3. Any disputes arising from the application of these Rules and Regulations, shall be subject to the laws
         and jurisdiction that apply in the state of the eee$ System Administrators domicile.






Account Balance and eee$ Capital in Transfer (Clause 11)

Applied Law (Clause 15)

Discretionary Membership Contribution (Clause 2)

eee$ Acceptance Commissions (Clause 7)

eee$ Account (Clause 3)

eee$ Inflation Freeze Rate Secured (Clause 8)

eee$ System Membership (Clause 1)

eee$ Transfer Orders (Clause 4)

Value Added Taxes (VAT or Sales Tax) (Clause 12)

Settlement of Debit eee$ Amounts (Clause 10)

Settlement of eee$ Transfer Orders (Clause 5)

Statements (Clause 9)

Terms of the Membership (Clause 14)

Support and Administration Fees (Clause 6)

Value of the eee$ (Clause 13)


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